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Reducing the reliance on quarried supply

Remediation & Recycling

Recycling plays a large and very important role in our civil engineering business. We are proud to state that at least 96% of aggregate waste material that is produced or reclaimed by projects amounts to over 50.000 tonnes a year.

We recycle aggregates for the prime purpose of reducing our reliance on quarried supply with a product that meets the requirements of local authorities.

Having been disappointed for many years with outside suppliers, we took the decision to invest in this area of the business. By investing in the latest state of the art equipment we can now provide consistency and quality of intermittent supply to produce our materials that we can now offer into the market place. This material is exactly the same material that has approval for use across the south east by local authorities with exacting standards.

We can also offer on-site solutions to site owners and contractors to process materials on site for use to the self-same standards.

All of our plant meets or exceeds the latest standards for emissions health and safety.

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